Entrepreneur, Liberal Democrat Politician

The European Parliamentary elections are due to take place 23 – 26 May 2019. I am excited to be running as one of the eight selected Liberal Democrat candidates for London. The European elections will become a ‘referendum by proxy.’ That is, they will influence what sort of a Brexit we have and whether we have a People’s Vote. I ask you to vote for me so I can represent London’s best interests in Europe.

I’m a committed European, fighting to stay in Europe

As a well known media spokesperson for Open Britain, I know how to make the voice of Brexiteers and Liberal Democrats heard. I speak from personal experience having worked and lived in 8 member countries. 

I’m a fighter for our Liberal values

I back policies that will defend the peace that generations have enjoyed, and that defend our values of fairness and freedom. I will continue the fight against climate change and worsening air pollution, to keep our city safe and prosperous.

I’m an experienced businessman and fundraiser

I built eBookers from a kiosk on Earls Court tube station to a $1 billion company creating over 2000 jobs. I know only too well how vital Europe is to business in London. I have set up and run charities, donating over £3 million and raising much more in business capital. I understand the the importance of keeping London as a big player in Europe.

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