Dinesh is an active Liberal Democrat member and campaigner. He has been the party’s deputy treasurer since 2016, and currently serves as vice-chair of the Federal Board, the organisation responsible for all aspects of policymaking. He recognises that the Liberal Democrats are the party best placed to tackle the complex yet urgent challenges facing the UK economy and society, against the backdrop of a deeply divided government and an opposition in turmoil.

Central to his outlook is a desire for every person, irrespective of their background, to take advantage of the opportunities he has enjoyed as a successful entrepreneur. He believes business can be an overwhelming force for good, and has argued in favour of progressive and radical reforms to transport, infrastructure and housing. Dinesh is a passionate internationalist, with a clear-eyed focus on the action required to build a better future for Britain.

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Issues currently at the forefront of Dinesh’s campaigning efforts include:

1. Brexit – when the facts change, you must have the opportunity to change your mind. A spokesperson for Open Britain, Dinesh believes that the final Brexit deal should be put to the people in a second, and final, vote.

2. Cutting pollution – there are nearly 10,000 deaths per year resulting from long-term exposure to air pollution in London. Dinesh believes a ban on all petrol cars entering Zone 1 should be phased in, and that a congestion zone should be considered around Heathrow Airport.

3. Business – Dinesh built his company from scratch and wants to extend the opportunity of entrepreneurship to all. As part of that, he is calling for a review of business rates, with the burden shifted from tenants to landlords, in order to ease the pressure on SMEs.

4. Housing – we desperately need new one million new homes over the next few years. Dinesh is arguing for a relaxation of restrictions to building on unused land near railway stations, as well as significant government investment.


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