After that referendum in 2016, we never thought we would vote in a European election again. However, as Brexit has turned into a living nightmare, the delay now means we will be electing a new set of European MPs in May.

This is our chance to make these elections a referendum for London on Brexit. They will become a referendum by proxy.

Many Tories want to wreck lives with a No Deal Brexit and Corbyn’s commitment to a Peoples Vote is flaky at best. Now we have a chance to elect MEPs who reflect the Liberal values of London.

MEPs who value the EU’s role in building and securing peace, whilst adapting to a fast paced global economy with 21st Century problems such as climate change and cross-border crime.

This is why I ask you to vote for me to be your MEP for London.

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Me with my fellow Liberal Democrat MEP candidates, after the party candidate list was announced

London gave me, a first-generation immigrant, the opportunity to build a global business. I want to repay London for that.

I want to ensure that we’ve got the resources to go toe to toe with the Brexiteers – to challenge their lies and myths. Because Brexit wrecks London for business, for health and social care, for education and science, for jobs, innovation and the most vulnerable Londoners.

Crucially, we should never build walls or turn our backs on our friends, neighbours and even family. Our message appeals to a majority in London, we just need to make sure they hear it loud and clear.

I believe my background, experience and Liberal values will help enable us to reach out to various communities including business, ethnic minorities and those who see our future at the heart of Europe.

My journey started from a kiosk on Earls Court tube station where I sold travel tickets. That business later went on to become eBookers through my hard work and business foresight. That’s why I believe I have the confidence and experience and vision to be a Liberal Democratic MP and bring about a Liberal London to the benefit of all.

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