The Liberal Democrats are campaigning for a second referendum, with ‘Remain’ as a clear option on the ballot paper. Before that referendum in 2016, no one could have predicted the chaos and the level of detail that the negotiations would take. The delay in executing Article 50 on March 29th has demonstrated how complex and potentially devastating leaving the EU really is. Repeated failed attempts to get a vote through Parliament is evidence that the only solution is to bring the issue back to the people. 

Many Tories want to wreck lives with a No Deal Brexit and Corbyn’s commitment to a Peoples Vote is flaky at best. I am proud to be a Liberal Democrat MEP who can reflect the liberal values of London and fight for what is clearly the best option – a people’s vote and the option to remain.

The EU plays a vital role in building and securing peace in the region, whilst also adapting to a fast paced global economy with 21st Century problems such as climate change and cross-border crime. We can only continue these things by being a part of Europe.

The three new Liberal Democrat MEPs with our leader Vince Cable, near Lambeth Bridge

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From left: The three winning London MEPS (Luisa Porritt, Dinesh Dhamija, Irina Von Wiese), Tom Brake MP and Siobhan Benita, our Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate.

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