Dinesh Dhamija


Welcome to my website.


I am the founder, former Chairman

and CEO of                        , one of Europe’s most successful internet

travel agencies.

I am also the founder of the

Copper Beech Group, a company which manages investments in sustainable education, ecotourism and property.

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Here is the video from my talk at the OKS Entrepreneurs' Networking Event @OKSAssociation :

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Current Business


Copper Beech Group is one of the UK’s largest personal investors in Romania. I have 17 companies, each holding an asset. My total investment, without raising any money, is £80m. The 17 companies are divided into three portfolios: Tourism; Agriculture and Forestry and Land Bank and an office building.


My investments span Romania, India and the UK. They include, in Romania, 1250 acres of agriculture and forestry investment, tourism in the form of the Delta Nature Resort on the Danube Delta in Tulcea County and two further sites plus residential and office properties. In India I have residential properties.


Currently, I direct sustainable projects in India and Romania, am a key-note speaker on entrepreneurship and play an active role in charities in the UK and around the world.