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London is a city of unprecedented opportunity, diversity and dynamism. It is the most liberal of all world cities. With 3.5 million first generation citizens, of which I am one, Liberal Democrat representation in London is not what you’d expect it to be. I want to rally liberal-minded people to our cause.

That’s why I’ve chosen to run as our party’s nominee for the 2020 London mayoral election.

I have a vision to consolidate London’s position as the world’s greatest city. We need a mayor who will deliver for young people struggling to get onto the housing ladder, and who is not afraid to introduce innovative green policies to reduce pollution. A mayor who will fight to preserve vital services, focus on crime at grassroots level, and encourage entrepreneurship, because small businesses are the key to a more prosperous future.

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I will rally the quiet, liberal-minded majority who understand the critical role businesses play in creating wealth to better our city, and oppose a disastrous no deal Brexit. Around 60% of Londoners voted Remain in the 2016 EU referendum and their voice, too, deserves a hearing.

I will be fighting for action to tackle pollution, a more efficient transport network, investment in community policing to tackle rising crime, and much-needed social housing. We need to facilitate community integration, prioritise the environment, and reward innovation so we can continue to compete as a global city.

I want to make a break from the current generation of politicians, of all stripes, who have let London down. The current mayor has little to show for his tenure after more than two years in the role. The Tories are riven by in-fighting over Brexit. Only the Liberal Democrats can deliver for Londoners.

Join me in helping to make that happen.

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