Major Achievements

  • Pioneered the UK online travel industry from 1996 to 1999 by creating an Internet interactive website for Flightbookers, which became

  • Founded in 1999, and took it Public on the NASDAQ and London Stock Market, rising to become a FTSE 250 member.

  • Made 11 corporate acquisitions in Europe, to get a 300 million people market.

  • Ensured the survival and growth of through multiple high-risk crises, including the dotcom bust of 2001, 9/11, the SARS outbreak, the first Iraq War and the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami.

  • Increased sales and revenue exponentially over five years, from $23 million in 1999 to $1 billion in 2004. The business was then sold to Cedant in the US in early 2005 for $471m – 100 times the initial investment of £2.5m.

With Richard Branson

Internet Business

2020 - date

Promoting the largest Solar PV project in Romania (348 MW). Promoting the largest Solar PV project in Romania(348MW).

2019 - 2020

MEP for London in the EU Parliament

2018 - date

Advisory Board of PolySwarm (a Blockchain company)

2017 - date

Advisory Board of The

2006 - date

Copper Beech Group

Founder and Chairman managing investments in solar energy, ecotourism and property in Romania and India. 

1980 - 2005

Dabin Travel / Flightbookers /

Travel Business

  • Started Dabin Travel in 1980, selling travel tickets from a tiny kiosk at Earl's Court tube station.

  • Rapidly expanded the business to found Flightbookers Ltd in 1983, becoming the General Sales Agent for four airlines in the UK and Europe.

  • Made Flightbookers the tenth largest leisure agent in the UK, employing 235 people.

Solar Energy Business

Carbon Footprint Calculator

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