UK and India contributions total over £5m

  • Being admitted to the Guild of Cambridge Benefactors on 11th of April 2022


  • Being made an 1869 Benefactor Fellow of Fitzwilliam College Cambridge

    Being made a Benefactor Fellow of Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge by the Master Baroness Sally Morgan

    Giving my acceptance speech

    With the Vice Chancellor of Cambridge University Stephen Toope

    With the Master and the Vice Chancellor after the ceremony

  • 2001 - date: Shiksha and Chikitsa, India

    Helped found two charities: Shiksha provides free education to children of the transient labour population of building-site workers and has 1,200 registered students. Chikitsa provides free medicines to slum dwellers living on the outskirts of New Delhi. Along with dispensing free medicines, it operates 15 mobile clinics that visit the slums and treat 120,000 people a year.

    Chikitsa Facebook

  • 2008 - 2016: Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

    Member of the advisory board, donor and trustee, with special responsibility for scholarships for British citizens to travel and work abroad to learn from foreign countries and help change their own communities in the UK. Brings business and financial expertise to a charity that donates 125 travel fellowships of £8,000 each a year.

  • 2006 - 2010: SCOPE UK

    Advisor to this leading charity promoting equal opportunities for disabled people, serving on the Business Development Board and the Sporting Inspirations Events Committee.

  • Memorial Gates

    The Memorial Gates is a war memorial located at the Hyde Park Corner end of Constitution Hill in London. Also known as the Commonwealth Memorial Gates, they were erected in memory of the five million volunteers from the Indian sub-continent, Africa and the Caribbean who fought with Britain in the two World Wars. 

    They commemorate the armed forces of the British Empire from five regions of the Indian subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka), as well as Africa and the Caribbean, who served for Britain in the First and Second World Wars. 

    This memorial is very close to Dinesh, as his father served in the Royal Navy and his father in law served in the British Indian Army during World War II. His father in law General O P Malhotra went on to become Chief of the Armed Forces of India. 

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